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BOT 36 Win a Bill Ortiz TrumpetI want to celebrate the release of my new album Highest Wish and I want you to have the chance to win something very cool.

I am giving away one of my very own trumpets, a Bach TR300. To enter, it is so easy, just…


Here is how the contest works…

1. To enter you must register with and leave a comment on this post.
2. Only ONE entry per person, multiple entries will be disqualified.
3. The email you enter when you register must be valid, that is how we will contact you if you win.
4. All entries in the contest acknowledge that your email will be added to the email list. You are free to unsubscribe at any time.
5. Contest is open to US residents only, age 18 or over.
6. No purchase is required.
7. We will select a winner on November 1, 2011.
8. Winner will be notified by email. If the winner does not acknowledge winning the contest in 48 hours, we will select a new winner.

And finally, remember you need to leave a comment… any comment. Just keep it clean.

57 thoughts on “Win a Bill Ortiz Trumpet

  1. After his first nice album now another masterpiece of good good music. Love the sound of his trumpet. He opened the door for other music for me – thanks so much !

  2. I really enjoyed Bill’s first album “From Where I Stand”.

    I like his tone, sense of phrasing and the songs are great!

    Highest Wish from his new album is very cool………Alex

  3. That is totally excellent I would love to have this be proud to own it
    I have already been blessed to meet Bill on several occasions
    I would love to have this piece of history by this wonderful musician
    Hello planet

  4. My Man Bill

    Does it again. Great music and I can’t wait to see what else you got for us !!!

  5. Bill Ortiz always gives a stella prefomance and is a extremly talented musican. He is such a grounded human being that truly opens the hearts of many with his awsome sound. No cookie cutter at all !

  6. The first time I saw bill was in Toronto with Santana!!
    Very Cool & relaxed player with special ideas & emotion flowing from the end of his instrument !!!
    It was a great Experience to hear to great players stand together & enjoy the scope of the night.
    As Miles would say, BRAVO !!!

  7. I can truly say no one has ever given me a Trumpet! πŸ™‚
    Hope all is going well Billy O!

  8. Thank you,Mr. Bill Oritz~

    I say thank you, why?? Because you have shared your amazing and phenomenal gifts you have been blessed with~ ”THE MUSIC OF YOUR SOUL” I’ve titled your music for myself… your able-”HIGHEST WISH” I ‘m so very moved by, Mr. Bill Ortiz you are the true ”ESSENCE OF MUSIC!!! I would be honored and blessed to win one of your blessed Trumpet’s.

    Peace and Blessings and continual blessings upon all your endeavors.

    Much Respect,

    Janne’t πŸ˜‰

  9. Been eager for the album since the EP. Love it. Would be amazing to get you into Jazz at the Bistro here in STL. One of the nation’s finest venues.

  10. I heard about this album through a free music sample website. Was sold immediately! Congrats and thanks.

  11. Talk about a dream come true trumpet connection for me – it would be amazing to play with Evil Ways SANTANA Tribute on a horn you’ve broken in. And I LOVE Highest Wish, by the way, it spends a lot of time rotating through my playlist. Bill, when I grow up I want to sound like you! You’ll always be my number one trumpet hero! Thanks for the chance to win. I promise your Bach won’t hang on the wall if I’m lucky enough to find it in my hands.

  12. Hi Bill,
    It is truly great to see that musicians are still out there performing and educating people on the past and future of music. over the past several years people moved away from the live music and missed that feeling of watching moving history when music is played. Keep blowing and keep that spark alive. there is nothing like that look when a person really hears what your trying to say through that horn and what separates you from other trumpeters. congratulations on your new project.

  13. What a great contest to run … love your solo work that I’ve heard and thoroughly enjoyed seeing you perform with Santana.

  14. Bill Ortiz…you are my favourite horn player. Lotsa feel…love all — especially Santana stuff…awesome live stuff…love the solo improvisations — the 7ths and 9ths out of this world.

  15. Your music does my heart good. The single Highest Wish is on permanent repeat for me. So glad I found your newest CD on iTunes. Stopped me in my tracks just so I could listen start to finish. Come visit Charlotte, NC. We’d love to have you.

  16. i luv gud music and very much appreciate it especially by real musicians >(bill ortiz) and a few others. now a days some artist can’t even play an instrument let alone a trumpet all they no to do is scream and pop what they got and my generation loves it well i don’t keep up they good work. God Bless

  17. My daughter recently started playing trumpet and I tried it and kind of liked it. This looks awesome! I’m going to check out some of your tunes.

  18. Congratulations on the new album. Your work on your past album “From Where I Stand” left me inspired. Im only two years into learning the trumpet, so its nice to have someone to try to model my playing after. Congratulations again and best of luck in everything you do.

  19. That’s a great pity: “only for US residents” I would like to go with your flow, mr Ortiz. Weaving with a real BACH TR300 trough the music lines. Don’t you have a spare trumpet for a contest in Europe ? πŸ™‚ Love your music anyway! Come over to Europe and play!

  20. Brotha Brotha….This Is a beautiful body of work,it’s brothers like you i really admire cause i can hear the passion in every note!!

  21. Hi Bill, Hope all well in the Bay area. I loved your first album. Highest Wish is a Great follow.
    I just bought a old beat up used getzen on e-bay,
    I could put a Bach to good use!
    Joe G. in Phoenix

  22. Listening to Highest Wish on 91.9 Wclk in Atlanta, GA.
    Fabulous! Thank you thank you!

  23. Great interview on, wishing you get as much airplay and acknowledgement in the Bay Area. Look forward to hearing and seeing you around. Peace

  24. I heard your interview w Jamal on WCLK this afternoon I was very impressed. I grew on music in the 70,s too I also played in and r&b group while in high school we were really good opened for a lot of big acts back in Ohio we plated with groups such as the Ohio Players Sly and the family stone the Dells The Manhattans BTW I also play trumpet too that’s why I hope to win I would like get back into it I’m also in my 50’s :0)

  25. Thanks to tune in radio i heard your interview on wclk this afternoon, i just became a fan can’t wait to tell everyone i know about your music all over minneapolis,mn thanks for the chance to win your horn and good luck in india!!!!

  26. i saw a tweet about the giveaway and was very excited at the chance. i love your music and ask that you keep making it for all of us. Thank you for the chance at this giveaway. Best wishes.

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