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Carlos Santana

“Bill Ortiz Is a wonderful person and a brilliant musician. He articulates the beautiful language of jazz with out loosing the purity and innocence of a child. It is a wonderful experience to share music every night with him.”


“Ortiz has a spiritual, one-world aesthetic conveyed no just by the song titles but also by the positive music itself.”

Dennis Chambers-world renowned drummer

“He is one of the greatest and most centered musicians/human beings I have had the pleasure of working with, and thats no bullshit.”

Lavay Smith-critically acclaimed singer

“Bill Ortiz is one of the finest musicians I’ve ever worked with. He plays with fire, passion and knows how to tell a story that communicates with prople. For me, the real test is slow blues or a ballad, which Bill plays soulfully and with a big fat sound that every other trumpet player wishes they had.”

John Santos – world renowned educator, band leader and Grammy nominee

“Bill Ortiz is a great musician with whom I have had the honor of working closely with for the better part of two decades. His power, grace and flavor bring much justice and dignity to the profound traditions of latin jazz from which he came.”

Frank-John Hadley-Downbeat Magazine

“Trumpeter Bill Ortiz performs at a rarefied level.”

Phillip Elwood-San Francisco Chronicle Jazz Critic

“Brilliant trumpet work…indefatigable.”

Shea Breaux Wells-jazz vocalist and singer/songwriter

“Bill Ortiz plays the horn in a way that focuses the sounds like an emotional laser beam. The perfection and should that Bill brings to the table is inspiring and humbling to witness.”

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