1956 Martin Committee Deluxe Model Trumpet

The Martin Committee trumpet was THE trumpet of choice among many jazz greats during their careers, including Dizzy Gillespie, Lee Morgan, Miles Davis (he played Martins his entire career), Freddie Hubbard, Kenny Dorham, Chet Baker, Maynard Ferguson, Al Hirt, Blue Mitchell, Fats Navarro, Clark Terry and many others. The ones considered most desireable are made from 1940 thru 1956 (serial numbers 140,000 thru 201,000) although there are some good ones made before and after these dates. This horn is a “medium bore” (.453), although one of the characteristics of the Martin Committe is step bore design (increasing in bore up to the bell). Their lead pipes also have more flare than most trumpets. The result is that the player can shade the pitch of notes easier, which many jazz players prefer. I use a Schilke #15 trumpet mouth piece with this horn.


Couesnon Star Flugelhorn-1960’s Vintage

This laquered horn is one of the most popular flugelhorns used in jazz. Artists who have used this horn include Freddie Hubbard, Donald Byrd, Kenny Dorham, Art Farmer, Tom Harrell, and Enrico Rava. I use a Schilke #15F with this one. In my opinion this horn delivers THE true classic jazz flugelhorn sound!


HorKuhnl & Hoyer Pocket Trumpet

This horn is raw brass and of unknown age-it’s lots of fun to play and has a surprisingly big sound for a pocket trumpet. A Schilke #15 cornet mouthpiece works nicely with this trumpet. I always think of my man-the great pocket trumpeter Don Cherry whenever I play this horn-one of jazz’s most distinctive and innovative voices. His joyful spirit continues to bless us.


Here is some of the hardware/software I use in my studio these days

  • Event ASP-8 Monitors
  • Auratone Monitors
  • Avid 003r
  • Metric Halo 2882
  • Mackie Universal Control
  • Mackie Big Knob
  • Neumann U87 Mic
  • Cole 4038 Mic
  • Neumann 184 Mic (2)
  • Shure SM57/SM58
  • Fender Vintage ’66 Vibro Champ Amp
  • Fender Rhodes Stage 73 Electric Piano
  • Wurlitzer 140B Electric Piano
  • Studio Electronics SE-1
  • Roland 5080
  • E-mu Proteus 2000
  • E-mu Mo’Phatt
  • Ensoniq MR-Rack
  • Arp Pro Soloist
  • Arp String Ensemble
  • Arp 2600


  • Pro Tools 10
  • Reason 6
  • Metric Halo MIO Console
  • McDSP Emerald Pack HD
  • McDSP Retro Pack HD
  • Waves Audio H-Delay
  • Universal Audio Plug-Ins
  • Antares Harmony Engine
  • Audio Ease Speakerphone
  • Bias SoundSoap Pro
  • FXpansion BFD2
  • GForce String Machine
  • AVID Structure
  • Way Out Ware Arp 2600
  • Way Out Ware Arp Axxe
  • Arturia Mini Moog V
  • Ivory 2
  • Native Instruments B4 II
  • Avid Velvet

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  1. That’s a gorgeous Committee Bill, you sound beautiful on it as always! I had to comment because I play the same trumpet & flugel setup as you, a tried and true combination indeed! I’ve played horns that are “easier” to get around but I’ve never played another horn that has the sound of my ’51 Martin Committee! Keep up all the great music making, safe travels man!

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